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A place for both tradition and new ideas – since 1928

Elumatec was established at the main location in Mühlacker near Stuttgart in 1928 and began producing light-metal sand-cast parts. Today, Elumatec are the leading premium supplier in the segment of profile machining for a vast array of different requirements and materials.

The perfect solution for every requirement

We think things through. With our extensive portfolio of processes, methods and Products, we can find the exact solution you need for your special requirements. We cover the whole spectrum from craftsman’s enterprises to industrial profile machining operations.

Our range includes basic, manual-operation machines as well as complex, state-of-the-art profile machining centres with CNC control. Moreover, we offer all of the other components you need for setting up efficient, safe and ergonomic Production lines, including assembly equipment, roller conveyors, transport trolleys, glazing units and tools.

Our machines and operating equipment have a modular design and all components are compatible with each other. This gives you the flexibility you need to adapt your Production equipment at any time to suit the growing demands of your enterprise – all from a single source.

We also offer assistance in the planning of your Production. We draw on our experience which goes back generations, and always keep the practical issues in mind. All of our Products are “made by elumatec”, which stands for our promise of quality with exceptional precision, durability and stability.